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Chill with Jil if..

Here’s what you get in 8 weeks of chilling with Jil

  • On a weekly basis, you receive a PDF-file with my insights, learnings and exercises to reflect your life, that you can go through in your own pace
  • Along with that you receive personal short messages to deepen the chapter you’re working on
  • Every other week you chill with me 1:1 in a session to support your awareness, dig deeper into your feelings (and yes, that might hurt a bit eventually), unveil your thinking patterns and get rid of your negative, inner beliefs (in person, via phone or zoom)
  • If you are happy with your personal development and decide to continue working with me, you get a special discount on my hourly rate
  • To remember your time with me, you receive a coaching certificate (as an NFT or a PDF-file)

Say “bye” to all of your limiting thinking patterns that are holding you back from being in your precious and pure energy. 

The only thing that is holding you back from everything you want is your mind with all its beliefs. Chill with me, because I know some psychological tricks/methods to get rid of negative inner beliefs in your mind and I can tell: It won’t take as long as you might think it does.

Become aware of your emotions and feelings.

This might sound silly but as long as you’re pushing them away, they will stay. If you ever asked yourself why most people try to change themselves so hard and in the end nothing changes.. It’s because they try to evolve without digging deeper. Even if it hurts: You have to look back before you can successfully move forward. Hence now’s the time to allow your emotions and feelings to be there – just once, so they can easily vanish and you can move forward. And don’t worry: I’m guiding you and I’m with you. 

Connect with your true self.

How pathetic, hm? No. Once you unveiled all of the drama that still sticks to you in an energetic way, you are ready to live a life you really love. And it’s time to show your true self. From my own experience: Feeling yourself, finally, is one of the best feelings ever!

This is how other coachees feel after working with me

"Thanks to you I learned to see changes as opportunities to learn rather than obstacles."​


"After our coaching I was able to allow my feelings and respect my personal boundaries for the first time in my life. Dear Jil, thanks for putting your heart and soul into your coachings. I've learned so much! You're an amazing coach and helped me so much!"​


"I know that if I'm serious about it, it's time to open my heart now. Step by step, I understand what you're talking about when you're talking about living at ease and I'm very thankful for this change in my life. It's a game changer for me."​


Who I am?

Business Psychologist, Energy & Life Coach

For me, life is a wonderful game that fascinates me every day. I love to see people flourish in this game to their fullest. 

If you’ve ever asked yourself why so less people flourish and love their life, here’s the truth: It’s because they don’t take care of their mental health. Mental health is the key to a life you love. 

That’s why I created the 8 weeks online coaching course “Chill with Jil” for you. I incorporate Mentoring, Coaching and Reiki/Energy Healing to help you balance your mind and heart. 

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