Two months ago, it was the last day of NFT.NYC and I can tell, this event changed a lot for me personally.

After three days of having great conversations and meeting interesting people, I was just about to leave the main event location, when I ran into David Gersch. This encounter was a very inspiring moments at the conference because David was my personal proof of work. He represented exactly what I’ve been talking about in my speech at NFT.NYC 🥸

The NFT industry is, for a change, not being led by traditional companies with (eventually) outdated values (I’m not judging, just highlighting 🙃). Together with social media, our society became a place where not being authentic and real is key. And while we tried (too) hard to follow those superficial and fake values and being anything but authentic, we got sick. Mentally and physically 🤕🤯 Depression and burn out rates are alarmingly high these days for a reason..

And now, for the first time an industry is being sharpened and build by us (NFT and web3 freaks). WE are the ones who are applying our values to a new industry 🙏

What I observed over the past year is, that there’s this one special ingredient, that is responsible for an incredible positive and magical vibe in the NFT industry and it is:


(That was also part of my speech btw ☺️)

Now, back to NFT.NYC, back to David: He didn’t try to sell anything. He was just in his pure energy (and of course being a good entertainer, but selling effortlessly while being himself).

I truly believe, that this is how it works. A shift in paradigms is just happening right now. Because when doing what we love/having fun meets authenticity, this is where the magic happens. This is when we’re able to unfold our full potential. And this is exactly what is happening in the NFT and web3 industry. 

I can’t wait for all of you to shine your light ☀️